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Proxy Design Pattern in Golang

Design Patterns are an important ingredient of clean, clear, and scalable code. In this series, we have been exploring the various Design Patterns and how to use them with Golang. In this article, we are going to discuss Proxy Design Pattern in Golang. Proxy Design Pattern, like an adapter pattern, is a structural Design Pattern. […]

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Bridge Design Pattern in Golang

So we are back again, after a long delay to study the Bridge Design Pattern in Golang. The Bridge Design Pattern is more or less used to avoid unnecessary complexity in code.  Just like the adapter pattern, It is a structural design pattern that allows the separation of abstraction from its implementation. In this article, […]

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Adapter Design Pattern in Golang

Adapter Design Pattern is one of the most intuitive design patterns. We can very easily figure out why and where it is needed. In this article, we will try to build an intuition for it and try to implement the Adapter Design Pattern in Golang. Let us try building the intuition behind this Design Pattern. […]

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