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Map and Object in Javascript.

Recently, while developing an application for my startup in React Native, I encountered a strange issue. My firebase query was giving a sorted result, which I was storing in an Object. But while retrieving the data from that object, the order was not the same. After lots of googling, I finally realized, I chose the […]

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Javascript Array Functions

Arrays are one of the most used, and one of the most important data structures. All kinds of programming languages provide different ways to work with arrays. I have often seen students and early adopters of Javascript writing long functions, iterating over the array to solve some trivial problems. Javascript, with the kind of community […]

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Proxy Design Pattern in Golang

Design Patterns are an important ingredient of clean, clear, and scalable code. In this series, we have been exploring the various Design Patterns and how to use them with Golang. In this article, we are going to discuss Proxy Design Pattern in Golang. Proxy Design Pattern, like an adapter pattern, is a structural Design Pattern. […]

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Why I chose GraphQL for my next project

GraphQL has been a new entry into the world of APIs after the REST API era.  It was released by Facebook in 2015 and hence since slowly being adopted into the mainstream of API development. In this post, I shall write as to why I decided to use GraphQL in my next project.  Please note […]

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Bridge Design Pattern in Golang

So we are back again, after a long delay to study the Bridge Design Pattern in Golang. The Bridge Design Pattern is more or less used to avoid unnecessary complexity in code.  Just like the adapter pattern, It is a structural design pattern that allows the separation of abstraction from its implementation. In this article, […]

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